by the Stone Institute, 2003

Breast cancer has unfolded into the most common malignancy in women.  Approximately 30% of cancers in women are related to the breast, and it is responsible for more than 40,000 deaths annually.  Risk factors associated with breast cancer include age, positive family history, early menarche, late menopause, first-term pregnancy after the age of 25 years old, nullipari...

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Nikola Biller-Andorno, M.D., Ph.D., and Peter Jüni, M.D.

April 16, 2014


In January 2013, the Swiss Medical Board, an independent health technology assessment initiative under the auspices of the Conference of Health Ministers of the Swiss Cantons, the Swiss Medical Association, and the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences, was mandated to prepare a review of mammography screening. The two of us, a ...

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