About Us

About Us

Welcome to PDC Biological Health Group Corporation.

We are a publicly trading Canadian company in Richmond, British Columbia, and are the proud owner of the contact regulation thermography technology CRT 2000™. The technology was innovated by German doctors in the 1970s after 30 years of research. We, earlier known as Eidam Diagnostics Corporation, have re-engineered this technology in 2005 and brought it to its current computarized state-of-the-art form.   

We manufacture CRT 2000™ Thermographic System in Canada and distribute throughout the world. We have offices in Canada, Switzerland, and China.

We have FDA clearance for sale of CRT 2000™ in the United States based upon the device's premarket notification 510(k), CE Mark from the European Union, and SFDA certification from China.

The PDC Group also distributes biological skin care products under the brand name of Dermamed and  Homeopathic medicine under the brand name of Symbiopathic.


Our Mission:

We aim is to assist healthcare professionals around the world in detecting and monitoring physical illnesses and diseases at the very early stage of their development.



Our vision is to enable individuals, healthcare professionals, companies as well as organizations make an informed choice for health and wellness through the use of biological medicine and medical devices across the globe.



E. Schwamm in West Germany began research In the 1950s on the use of infrared radiation in the human body resulting in the creation of images from this radiation. In 1975, Eidam Medizin-Technologie and Dr. A. Rost started exploring the effects of temperature changes on health conditions over time. Their works induced the development of equipment to measure temperature changes in human skin using contact temperature sensors. In 1978, Eidam Medizin-Technologie GmbH created the original model of the CRT 2000™. This device was noted for its ability to detect the early stages of disease. This then was considered useful to determine the general health of a patient.

While observing how the European doctors were helping their patients with holistic health care services with the use of contact thermography, PDC’s founder Bernard Armani using his own intuition, skills in understanding the bigger value of this technology, and insights into creating a substantial business, started connecting with Eidam Medizin-Technologie GmbH. He then bought all of the intellectual property, technology and manufacturing capabilities of CRT 2000™ from Eidam Medizin-Technologie GmbH in September 2005. 

Responding to the demands of the modern healthcare system for refined and computerized technologies, PDC re-engineered the hardware and software of the original CRT 2000™ and made it into the state-of-the-art computerized technology in terms of its features, functionality, and usability of the thermographic system. It has also developed proprietary data analysis software based on a database of thermographs containing eight million measurements taken from over 40,000 individual patient sessions. The company has also developed Vector Analysis software for the CRT 2000™ for dental and orthodontic care.

Currently, over 1500 physicians and healthcare professionals use the original CRT 2000. The company has grown over the years and on February 2014, PDC was listed on the Canadian National Stock Exchange. The Company is now actively engaged in the sales, distribution, and training of the CRT 2000™ in diverse geographical markets, including North America, Asia, Europe and South America.